Monday, November 30, 2009

On! surfboard/ Kevin Hamor

Busy Holiday weekend behind us. Had a few customers pick up boards just in time for the thanksgiving weekend swell.
Kevin Hamor(pictured above)wrote in: Just wanted to let you know that I surfed my new board today and it worked insane! It was a little tough going back to a normal short board after 3 months of surfing the Rock Fish, but it went well. I attached a shot from the session

Steve Larkin wrote
(7'4"x20.5x2.75 thruster)
Rode my new board for the first time today in head-high at Bolsa.
I love it. Rode every wave I tried for and had no problem paddling and duck diving it.
It's maneuverable without being squirrelly. So much better than that tank I was riding!
Also, with that ample entry rocker, pearling was never a concern.
A job well done.

I really apreciate the response from customers. All to often I never hear from the customer until they need a new board. Usually by that time I can't remember what i shaped for them. Hope to have some more pics up soon.
Take care,Ed