Sunday, July 20, 2008

On! surfboards: the Quad Fish wins!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the mini quiver I made myself for early summer, consisting of an Eps/Epoxy short board and a 6' quad fish. I thought that I'd give some follow up on the boards. The Eps/Epoxy short board was great. Light responsive and versatile. I found that this board shaped to the same dimensions as my polyester short board, worked in all conditions. I had glassed this board extremely light as an experiment to see just how light I could go on a short board. Well... I guess it was too light. As you can see in the picture I broke it on a head high low tide session. The Quad fish is another new favorite. Not as controllable as a normal short board this fish is fast and loose. Surprisingly versatile in both hollow and mushy conditions this fish with a deep concave through the tail almost feels turbo charged as I'm going down the line. I'll be making a new Epoxy board as soon as I can get a blank and in the meanwhile I'm surfing the quad fish everyday.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Check out

Check out for the latest happenings around Newport Beach. Newportsurf is put together by well known and regularly published Surf Photog Tom Kozad. 's " Daily Hot shot " Should be described as a gift to the local surf community as Tom showcases the local underground talent and informs the public of local surf events as well as promotes local business's. Pictured is a photo Tom took of local newport surfer Spencer Pirdy.